Empowering Black Voices:10 Black Changemakers Leaving Their Mark (2020-2024)

1/1/20252 min read

The Black community is a global one, rich with brilliant minds and dedicated advocates. Here are 10 figures who've made a significant impact in the last four years (2020-2024):

  • Alicia Garza (USA): Co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter, a movement sparking worldwide conversation and action on racial justice. Garza continues to push for social change through grassroots organizing and her work with the Black Futures Lab [Organization dedicated to Black liberation].

  • Patrisse Cullors (USA): Another #BlackLivesMatter co-founder, Cullors is a powerful voice for police reform and dismantling systemic racism. She recently authored a book on abolitionist feminism, further igniting conversations on social justice.

  • Yewande Adelana (Nigeria): Lawyer and activist, Adelana founded the Refugee Law Clinic in Lagos, providing free legal aid to refugees, asylum seekers, and stateless individuals. Her work empowers marginalized communities and fights for human rights.

  • KimberlĂ© Crenshaw (USA): A legal scholar and co-founder of Critical Race Theory, Crenshaw's work focuses on the intersection of race, class, and gender. She is a prominent voice in legal academia, advocating for policies that address the unique challenges faced by Black women.

  • Ibram X. Kendi (USA): A best-selling author and anti-racist scholar, Kendi's work on dismantling racist ideologies has gained significant recognition. His research center, the Antiracist Research & Policy Center, tackles racial inequities through education and policy solutions.

  • Wes Moore (USA): A decorated veteran, author, and philanthropist, Moore became the first Black governor of Maryland in 2023. His focus on education reform, economic empowerment, and criminal justice promises a bright future for Maryland's Black communities.

  • Makaya Green (USA): At just 17, Green is a climate activist who founded the Green Girls Project. This organization empowers young Black women to become environmental leaders, addressing climate change within their communities.

  • Kelvin Doe (Sierra Leone): This self-taught engineer built his own generator from scrap at age 13. Doe now runs Innovation SL, a free tech training school for underprivileged youth in Sierra Leone, fostering the next generation of inventors.

  • Olivia Bowen (UK): A social entrepreneur, Bowen founded the social enterprise Liberation Lit. This organization distributes multicultural books to combat the underrepresentation of Black stories in schools, promoting diversity and cultural awareness.

  • John Boyega (UK): Actor Boyega has leveraged his platform to advocate for diversity in the entertainment industry. He co-founded UpperRoom Productions to create content that empowers Black storytellers and challenges stereotypical portrayals.

man in black crew neck t-shirt
man in black crew neck t-shirt